Everything will come with time – there is a time for everything!

A Review – Bodhi Vinyasa Surf & Yo!ga Retreat @bluemindmorocco February 2020

Planning a Retreat

Since I started teaching yoga a few years back, I was dreaming of hosting my own retreat at the beach. While in the beginning of my teacher career, I was more focussed on putting some roots down in the yoga community of Nuremberg, I kept that dream of a retreat on the side, but knew that at some point I would return to it and make it happen.

During the last year, I felt I was ready to go for it, yet I missed the perfect location for my first retreat. While surfing my social media newsfeeds suddenly Sandra posted that she would open a new retreat place in Morocco together with Khalid, her man and local legend surf teacher. Knowing Sandra from many of her classes she taught back in the day at myshanti, and then at her own proactive yoga lounge, and observing how she approached things, becoming a very successful yoga teacher, I knew Bluemind Morocco would be the perfect location for my first retreat.

So I wrote Sandra and we started organizing everything. As expected, Sandra was super prepared, provided all the necessary infos, materials for promotion, tips, tricks, emotional support, and, and, and…yet another confirmation for me that I chose the right people and the right place. In October we started promoting the retreat via all channels. Some good interest from potential participants came back, but by Christmas, the end of the early bird, I had only 1 confirmed booking. Everything seemed to be destined to fall apart before it even began. And yet again Sandra was solid as a rock, and together we discussed and searched for opportunities to still make it happen. We decided to keep it rolling, and with that new energy, 2 more participants confirmed very shortly after our discussions. It became clear, even if we would be only 4 people, we will make it happen! Having a partner like Sandra in such an endeavor is priceless! Sandra thinks in opportunities, recognizing and honoring limits, but also in pushing the limits to create opportunities! 

Arriving in Marocco

On a cold February morning we finally embarked on our retreat journey to Bluemind Morocco. We arrived at the airport in Agadir and got picked up right away. After a short drive, taking in the first impressions of the Moroccan landscape and culture, we arrived at the Bluemind villa. Aziz, the blond Moroccan, greeted us wholeheartedly and showed us around the villa and into our beautiful rooms. A short trip to the rooftop to watch the sunset, and then dinner…an arrival that couldn’t have been smoother. At dinner, we met Kareem the cook, and Hamza his trustful aide, the other guests from Switzerland, and once we were seated it felt like family. A big international family sitting together having dinner and enjoying each other’s company while eating a most delicious dinner.

The first day

The next day, even after our first yoga session, we were still in our German mindset….asking many, many many questions about what is going to happen next? when are we going surfing? can we go exchange money, buy stuff, etc….each time I asked one of those questions to Mohammed our Surf coach….I would get the answer „Don’t worry Marcus….everything will come with time“. It took me a little time to get it, but when he added „there is a time for everything“ that last time I asked… I got it….let it go…Mohammed and the boys will take care of us, it’s time to lay back and enjoy, learn, and have fun. It was time to leave our german mindset of having to do this and that, having to control what’s happening, behind, and get taken care of by the bluemind tribe, trusting that they know what there is to do to make this an unforgettable experience.

That being said, they have taken us to the beaches that were perfect for our surfs levels, at the right time, when there was not so much going on yet, they have shown us beautiful places like the local market and the women’s argon oil collective, and fulfilled all of our wishes when the time had come. Truly unforgettable.

Surfing is easier than you would think…

And then it was the time for our first surf lessons…I admit, all of the stories we heard from friends who have tried surfing before, put us all into thinking surfing must be super difficult. So once we started to take out our boards for the first time, we were quite skeptical about getting it right to surf a wave.

But of course, it wasn’t the first rodeo Mohammed and the Banana Surf Team took on to teach beginners how to have fun in the ocean. They lead us step by step, day by day, from white water to surfing our first green waves. They always chose different locations for each day, depending on the quality of the surf and where it would be best suited for all the progress we have made as group.

When we were not surfing, it was chill-time at the beach….drinking peppermint tea, riding horses and camels with hats, and simply enjoying the beauty of beach life. And also the culinary experience of Kareem’s delicious Maroccon food followed us to the beach for lunch. What can I say…surfers know how to spend a fun day at beach.

Yoga everyday

Everyday after the beach, and everyday in the morning before breakfast, we met for our yoga sessions. While our morning practice was focussed on connecting our consciousness with the body and mind, and get prepared for our surfing lessons, our afternoon sessions were more focussed on letting go and integrating our experiences from surfing within our heart, our inner creator. The sessions drew from all disciplines of yoga, asana, pranayama, meditation, from Vinyasa to Kundalini, and osteopathic movements. The intention of the yoga was to complement the learning process of surfing. A little more than halfway through the week, it was time skip the yoga practice, and give each other some Thai-Yoga-Massage-Loving…for some, even a little rooftop sunset acroyoga flying, was part of the more spontaneous yoga program. 

By the end of the last class, in which we went into headstand, I was really proud of my ladies! Each of them solidly stood there all by themselves….a little help to get there, but once there, solid like rocks….and while I was honoring their effort in following forward bend, giving a little neck massage, I had a really profound realization….I wasn’t aware how much this class, this week, yes, and even my yoga meant to these three beautiful ladies…infinite gratitude suddenly flooded my being, all the pressure leading up to the retreat, all the fear about not being good enough as a teacher or retreat host, and the joy of being accepted and respected for my best effort, were released in tears of joy, and I was able to let go. I was filled with love, and infinite gratitude like never before.

So thank you Ladies for being who you are, for trusting me and my ideas, and more than anything, for following me along in this blissful yoga experience we shared together.

The bluemind family

Whether it was coffee in the morning before class, delicious breakfast, beach lunches, and dinners, Argan oil purchases, money exchange, ATM needs, the bluemind family was there. There was a solution to every problem, or a way to fulfill a wish. We felt like being a part of the family for the entire time we were there and we look forward to see you next year again. There is a time for everything, and every thing will happen with time!

Thank you to all of you…Aziz, Khalid, Kareem, Hamza, Mohammed, Ucine, Verena, and Sandra….

Thank you for making us feel at home in your family tribe!

If you are interested to find out more about how you can organize your own trip to Morocco….including yoga, surfing and a beautiful family tribe…check out Sandra’s website, Yoga by Sandra, Khalid’s website of the Banana Surf School, and not to forget the Bluemind Surf & Yoga Tribe website. Simply click on the logos below to get to the websites.